For those of us who were disappointed with our finish times at the Boilermaker, there's hope. Our unofficial times started when the gun went off but didn't factor in the amount of time it took to actually cross the the starting line. This is good news for most of us.

One Townsquare Media employee had a Boilermaker finish time of 1:42, or so he thought. When he checked his official time in the Observer Dispatch, it was 11 minutes faster.

According to Runners World:

The clock at the finish/starting line is based on the official start of the race.  The people at the very front should be right on clock time.  Then there is chip time.  This starts when you personally cross the starting line and the clock starts for you.

To see your official time click HERE.

Some of us who ran yesterday's Boilermaker had a hard time busting through the pack because we kept bumping into other runners. That being said, it was still an impressive site to watch 15,000 athletes in action.


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