You can live in Utica your entire life and never become an official "Utican." There's a few things you have to do to earn that title.

Are you Utican?

Not sure? Well there's an easy way to tell. Look at the list below and check off the things you have done.
Then tally them up - Each one is worth one point (except for the bonus point, but you'll see that listed). After the list, you'll see the scoring - which will tell you whether you're considered an official Utican or not.

Ready? Let's do this!

___ 1. Watched the Boilermaker Road Race in person

___ 2. Took a ride on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad

___ 3. Seen a band perform at Saranac Thursdays

___ 4. Taken a picture with Rainbow (Bonus point if you posted the picture to Facebook or social media)

___ 5. Watched the Utica Comets win at the AUD

___ 6. Complained that a place was too far away to go to - Even though it was a 20-minute drive or less.

___ 7. Been to the Children's Museum

___ 8. Made your own chicken riggies

___ 9. Played KanJam in your backyard (or a friend's backyard)

___ 10. Seen the Mayor do a "sweep"

___ 11. Been camping in the Adirondacks

___ 12. Spent an afternoon at the Utica Zoo

___ 13. You know who the Utica Blue Sox are

___ 14. Been to Darien Lake

___ 15. Complained about other drivers not knowing what they're doing through the Oneida Square roundabout

___ 16. Made reservations at The Tailor and the Cook

___ 17. Been to Lake George for a mini-getaway

___ 18. Watched a parade on Genesee Street

___ 19. Seen a show at the Stanley Theatre

___ 20. Had a Utica Club


Alright, now for the scoring:

0 to 8 points: Definitely not. Do you even live in Central New York?
9 to 14 points: You're closer, but you must live in Rome or something.
15 to 18 points: Technically, you're considered Utican
19 to 21 points: You're definitely Utican. People will think you were born and raised here (even if you weren't).

How did you do? Are you considered Utican? Let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.