A new terrifying threat has been discovered in Russia and is fortunately only affecting the pigeon population so far.

Reports are saying that there is a disease that is causing pigeons to behave strangely around people, fall from the sky, and even fly into buildings behaving like birds in a zombie horror movie.

Scientists have identified the cause as Newcastle Disease where the primary symptoms cause apathy, lethargy, disorientation and foaming at the beak before death. While there are no current cases outside of Russia, the concern for the spread of the disease is ever present.


Is FEMA Planning a Zombie UFO Crash Drill in Idaho?

The CDC used the threat of a zombie apocalypse to help the public prepare for an actual emergency. In April of 2013, FEMA will conduct a drill that they're calling a Zombie UFO crash. The drill was listed on FEMA's website and is slated for Saturday April 27 in Moscow, Idaho.

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