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Does Your Job Actually Make The World Worse?
Most of us like to think we're contributing to the overall good, or at least feel like we're needed when we show up to work whether we like our jobs or not. But here's a list of jobs that even those that do them have chimed in to say they're not helping make the world a much bett…
Which Fast Food Restaurant Has the Worst Drive-Thru Service?
Consumers expect their meals quickly when going through a fast food drive-thru. But according to an annual report by QSR Magazine, you won't get that sort of service at Burger King. In fact, it came in dead last in a ranking of seven fast food restaurants for drive-thru service.
Canadian KFC Serves Up Raw Chicken Burger
When you remove a fast food burger from its wrapper and bite down, you are taking it on faith that there isn't something really disgusting between the buns.
Last week a KFC diner in the Toronto-area paid for this faith. As you can see, he took a big bite of his chicken burger only to find that s…
Teen Discovers Finger In His Arby’s Sandwich
When you go to Arby’s you expect to get finger food like, say, tater tots with horsey sauce. What you don’t expect is to be served an actual finger. But, a human finger is exactly what one kid got in his junior roast beef sandwich.
Would You Eat Fast Food For Three Months?
Now I love fast food like everyone. I know it isn’t the healthiest but it’s fast and easy. I love when people say it taste horrible because it truthfully doesn’t taste that bad. Maybe you’re like me; you’ll eat fast food…

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