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We Can Learn a lot From The Amish Who Rarely Get Sick
One of the gifts I gave my wife for Christmas was authentic Amish made candles and pot holders.  I was going to get her a quilt but they cost between $350 and $500, wow !
While I was in the real Western Pennsylvania Amish store, I noticed that it was so cold, I worried that the young Amish lady …
Make This Your To-Do List For Today-Daily Delilah
Have you found yourself feeling stressed out lately?  The holidays can do that.  So much pressure to get everything done as the clock ticks closer and closer to Christmas.  Do yourself a favor.  Make this your to-do list for today.
Delilah’s Healthy Living-Feel Good For Less
A day at the spa is a great way to feel better but it's not the only way to feel good.  If you've got the time, Delilah has some easy ways to feel good for less.  Try these for a mood boost.