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Top Ways To Freak Your Guy Out
It's frustrating, but some men get freaked out by everything. It happens, my gender isn't the smartest when it comes to certain things. If you want to keep your guy calm, cool, and collected, you should probably steer clear of these things.
Is A Coffee Date A Good Idea?
Whether you’re meeting someone you met online, or you're being set up on a blind date, the idea of going out for coffee is a great idea. It's cheap, it's easy and you can bolt after one cup. Many women are now shunning the coffee date when they shouldn’…
Relationship Advice From Movies
The Academy Awards are this Sunday if you haven’t heard 20,000 times by now! It will be hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Last year had a lot of different movies that spotlighted different forms of love. What did we learn from them?
Are You And Your Partner Compatible?
We're getting to the end of the year, which is always a good time to take inventory of your life and to start thinking about making changes for the better. “Out with the old in with the new”, would one of those things be your relationship?