Guys always get blamed for this but women are at fault too! Are you dating a guy who's afraid to take your relationship to the next level because you they have a fear of commitment? They are under tons of pressure from you and others to tie the knot, but maybe the fear is justified.

AskMen put together a list of 10 things that you will lose when you commit

10) Your female/male friends: One of my exes hated the fact I still talked to all my female friends. That was something that drove me nuts!
9) Your weekends: If you spend weekends together it may not be a problem, but if you like hanging with friends, you’ll start hearing him/her complain.
8) Your casual fun: I don’t know what counts as casual fun, unless it means…. never mind
7) Your self-indulgences: Mine include Chinese food, so I hope hers does too
6) The ability to just leave a situation: When a fight happens it isn’t as easy to walk away, you really got to work things out and that can scare people.
5) Financial independence
: Your accounts are one big one, but I know some couples that have different accounts.
4) Your options: You’re married; your options are one another unless you want a divorce lawyer.
3) Your own plans: Not true, a good couple can compromise
2) Your space: In health class in middle school we were taught about the personal space circle surrounding you, this circle just got bigger. Would that make you ok?
1) Your identity: You can only determine who you are, not anyone else. This shouldn’t be a factor.

What are some other reasons men/women fail to commit?