Why do women have the hots for firefighters? Get it hots… firefighters… I’m funny right? Well we might have the answer.

According to Askmen.com, women are attracted to firefighters for these reasons:

  • They are decisive- They will be able to make a quick decision if there is any danger in sight.
  • They take control- Even though there is so much stress involved in being a fighter, they always seem to keep their cool.
  • They take risks- They are brave ... all in the name of helping people.
  • They are selfless- They would risk their lives for people they don't even know.
  • They are strong - Firefighters wear heavy gear and carry heavy equipment, which means they have awesome bodies.
  • They are confident - Working in such a risky field and saving peoples' lives must make a guy feel pretty good about himself.

Why are you attracted to them?