Men look for different things in women. Some guys like tall women, while others like shorter women. What’s the traits men desire the most?

Evolutionary psychologists believe that men are naturally programmed to look for specific traits in women. put a spin on this theory and here’s the Top 10 traits men desire in women.

10) Moderate Neuroticism- A little anxiety not to much.
9) The Color Red- Researchers believe we're biologically programmed to be associate the color red with love.
8) Waist-to-Hip ratio- In America, men like the circumference of a woman's waist to be 70 percent the circumference of her hips.
7) Large Eyes and a Balanced Mouth: Got to love the eyes
6) Bodily Attractiveness: You want to be with someone who you think is great looking
5) Agreeableness and Ability to Empathize: Having emotions is nice
4) Ovulating- Believe it or not, studies show that men are powerfully attracted to women who are ovulating
3) Self-Sacrificing- Men look for women who volunteer or do charitable work
2) Appreciation- If a woman appreciates you, she will be hard to resist.
1) Facial Attractiveness: Got to have a pretty face

What do you look for the most in women?