Even today, there are still customs around the world that many don't question. A video has surfaced of 11 year-old Yemen Girl, Nada Al-Ahdal, who fled her home after her parents arranged a marriage for her.

While some are questioning the translation of the video at MSN the story unfolds as the young girl explains that she filed a complaint with the police against her mother after her mother arranged a marriage for her. Nada's video explaining the situation has gone viral and it is impossible not to feel for the girl as she says to her parents:

I'm done with you. You've ruined my dreams.


Being Called Animal Cruelty: Live Reptiles and Fish Are Sold As Keychains in China [VIDEO] [POLL]

How would like a live turtle or goldfish for a necklace? Apparently some really cruel people in China think you'd like that. The necklaces and key-chains made using live animals can be found and bought on the streets of Beijing. This practice has again brought attention to the issue of animal cruelty in China.

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