It's back by popular demand! Here's 12 more pictures to make you wonder, 'What were they thinking??'

A lot of companies and websites have some sort of stock image library available to them. These libraries contain images for pretty much anything you could imagine. Need a photo of a flying bird? Done. What about a man yelling into a phone? No problem.

But with all those photos available, you're sure to stumble upon some really odd ones - Images that will leave you wondering "Why would anyone ever need THAT?!"

We bring you those images in this second installment of Bizarre and Obscure Stock Images.


1. Just in Case You Even Need a Picture of a Dog in a Trash Can


2. Where Did That Guy Get a Giant Piece of Ice Anyway?



3. Why is Everyone Reaching for Food at the Same Time? Patience, people!

John Lund/ThinkStock


4. Because You Never Know When You Need an Image of a Turkey DJ

Jeffrey Collingwood/ThinkStock


5. Results From St. Patrick's Day?

Tyler Olson/ThinkStock


6. Nothing Odd About a Business Man with a Pacifier in His Mouth

Anna Bryukhanova/ThinkStock


7. "...What?!"

George Mayer/ThinkStock


8. Those Guys Realize There's No Room for Them in That Vehicle, Right?

David De Lossy/ThinkStock


9. Because the World Thinks This is What Women Fighting Looks Like



10. "Don't Mind Me, Just Enjoying a Bath"



11. Because This is Exactly What Buying a Car is Like...

ibrahim sari/ThinkStock


12. If You Ever Need a Pic of Guys Having Fun, Here You Go!

Mike Powell/ThinkStock