A lot of online sites use stock photos for stories and posts that they put on the web. Some of these photos though, will make you wonder.

'Why would you need a picture of that?'

'How much did you have to pay to get someone to pose like that?'


These are just a few questions you may be asking yourself after seeing some of these bizarre stock photos. None of these are NSFW, so no worries - Just look at the weirdness of these pictures and enjoy!

1. The Caption for This Picture is "Bizarre Man in Vintage Toilet"



2. Because You Never Know When Someone is Going to Hold a Phone Hostage



3. No One is Ever This Happy Grocery Shopping

Bart Sadowski/ThinkStock


4. Apparently, Some People Have Very Interesting Stories About Push Pins



5. We Want to Know What This Image Was Needed For... Any Ideas?



6. Does This Guy Know His Computer Isn't On?

Wavebreakmedia Ltd/ThinkStock


7. They Had to Pay This Man a Decent Amount of Money for This Pose



8. ...Or This One!



9. Because Covering Your Face with a Question Mark Isn't Weird at All



10. "On My Way to Save the Day!"



11. Sometimes Pirates Use Facebook, Too.

Noam Armonn/ThinkStock


12. We're Just Going to Leave This One Here...