There are some crazy and quirky laws in New York state you probably aren't aware of. Before you start your day, you may want to check out the list. 

Here are a handful of New York State laws that are a little quirky and unusual. You also probably didn't know they existed.

1. No Pictures With Large Cats

The next time your visiting the Utica Zoo, and your tempted to huddle in for a close up of you and a large orange cat with black stripes, take heed: New York State law prohibits taking selfies with tigers. According to

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a new law that bans direct contact between people and lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and cougars, according to Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, D-Manhattan, who sponsored the bill.

James Macpherson/YouTube
James Macpherson/YouTube

Oh, we just remembered, the Utica Zoo doesn't currently have tigers, but they do have lions, and the law also applies to them.


2. No Frogs Allowed

If your little one catches a frog along the Erie Canal this spring, remember to leave Kermie home before dropping them off at the day care.

large frog
Naftoli Goldgrab/Thinkstock

Why? New York state law prohibits frogs on the grounds of pre-school facilities.  According to Press

The rules cite the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which says the animals carry the risk of salmonella.

Now that you're aware of amphibian regulation, it's probably wise to obey. In other words, "hop to it." (Frog joke.)  By the way, the law also prohibits turtles.


3. Cold Car? Too Bad, Get in it Anyway

Winter's are brutal in Utica, so who in their right mind wants to sit in an ice cold vehicle? We're all guilty of warming up our cars, while we're indoors, toasty and warm. However, the next time you're thinking about taking shelter from the elements, don't. You'll be breaking the law if you do; and according to the Syracuse Police Department's Facebook Page:

This practice makes it easy for a motor vehicle to be stolen. It is a violation of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1210(a) to leave a vehicle unattended.

I took this video of my car, while I was secretly wishing I never learned of this crazy law.


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