Wow, I just learned something pretty cool that the Utica Zoo is doing!  If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with your favorite animal, the Utica Zoo offers such an opportunity! I’ve always wanted to hang out with a lion! It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time that’s why I’m feeling ecstatic as I write this. I have a hunch that once I get to play inside the lion’s den, my adventure seeking tendencies will subside a bit; or maybe I should use the phrase, “be tamed” instead.

Every time I visit the Utica Zoo website I learn something new. Today I discovered that they offer something called “Animal Encounters.” If parading around a cage with an African Lion is not your cup of tea, the Zoo has plenty of other “Animal Encounters” too: One of my friends had the opportunity to pet a red panda there and she described it as an experience that she’ll never forget! When I visited San Francisco a few years ago I was entertained by the sea lions that were lying and barking on the pier. Now the Utica Zoo has some of their own. The Zoo also offers a unique opportunity to feed these sea creatures! Are you a camel connoisseur, how about feeding a pair?

Now If I decide to pet a lion over the weekend this may be the last time you hear from me. Please give my sea monkeys a good home and continue to water my cactus. Thank you.


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