It happens every summer in Central New York: the sun comes up, the golf clubs come out. Some men (and women) spend hours each week playing golf all over the Mohawk Valley. Guys greet each other on the course: "Your wife let you out of the house to play?"

Ha. Not me. I never let my husband play golf, and you shouldn't either. I mean really, why would I let him?

Hear me out. Here are 4 reasons you should never let your spouse or significant other play golf:

  1. It's the weekend. It's time to relax. It is definitely not the time to ask to play golf.
  2. Weekends are when we spend time with friends.
  3. There is so much to do around the house; how motivated are you going to be to get that done if we let you play golf?
  4. And finally, the biggest reason you should never let your husband play golf is that HE'S AN ADULT. Don't "let" him do anything - he gets to decide how to spend his time on his own. Just like he doesn't "let" you sit on the couch eating Nilla Wafers, binge-watching 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Maybe we should just get away from the whole "let" thing.

You're not his mom, you're his partner - and let's face it: you don't wanna be his mom. (For many of us, been there, done that.)

That's why you should never let him play golf; just tell him to have a nice time and then grab the Nilla Wafers.




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