Relationships are fraught will all sorts of peril, from whether those jeans make her look fat to whether you're unknowingly embarrassing your partner in public.

Sometimes couples do things that are embarrassing to others - like excessive PDA or wearing identical outfits while visiting theme parks - and sometimes we do stuff to embarrass each other - and we don't even realize it. (It might just be embarrassing because Dave - I mean your partner - is a weirdo.)


Last night, Dave and I went out to dinner at Boneyard Barbecue in Utica (delicious, by the way.) He had one dish, and I had another. I offered him a bite of of my ribs, scooped some up with my fork and went to shovel the bite into his mouth. AND he grabbed the fork out of my hand. Because - GET THIS - it would embarrass the other patrons - according to Dave.

Is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard? 

It's not like I was making airplane noises or trying to feed him a forkful of ribs in a sexual way - I'm just trying to be nice and share my dinner. Trust me, no one in that restaurant cared. At all. I think DAVE was embarrassed, for reasons that make no sense.

What do you think? Has Dave completely lost his mind, or do you agree with him? 

BONUS VIDEO - because Dave thinks I'M weird!

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