Halloween is the time for scary movies about haunted houses, but are you brave enough to visit one in real life? CNY has some straight-up haunted places for you to check out...if you dare.

1. Beardslee Castle This Little Falls castle was originally built in the 1860's, burned down twice, but has risen again and is now home to a great restaurant...and some well-documented ghosts.


2. Hulbert House This Boonville Inn was built in 1812, and since then it has hosted guests...living and not-living.

Hulbert House
Credit: Google Street View


3. Farnam House This Oneida Mansion was built in the late 1860's by Stephan Farnam, who eventually died in the home. It's believed that he, along with other former residents, still haunt the halls of this Victorian mansion.


4. Oriskany Battlefield  On August 6, 1777, the Battle of Oriskany took place, in what is now known as the town of Oriskany. This battle was one of the bloodiest battles in the Revolutionary War, and the spirits of soldiers who lost their lives are believed to linger at the site.

Oriskany Battlefield Ghost pictures
Credit: Eric Meier/TSM

5. Fort Stanwix The wooden structure that stands in Rome today is a modern recreation of the original Fort Stanwix. It stands on the site of the original fort, where soldiers held off a prolonged siege by the British in 1777. The ghost of a young boy has been spotted within the walls of the fort.


Heading Into Fort Stanwix
Credit: Naomi Lynn/TSM

Now it's up to you. You decide whether you have the fortitude to visit one of these haunted houses or haunted place that are so close by.



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