Throughout Central New York there are countless haunted historic sites that have fallen from public recognition. While not every historic site is haunted and not every haunted location is historic there are large numbers of sites that have found their way back into the public consciousness due to their paranormal activity. One of the most renowned historic locations in the region also known for its haunting is Beardslee Castle.

Built in the 1860’s by Augustus Beardslee in Little Falls, the manor was designed to imitate Irish castles. It wasn’t until 1983 when owner Joe Casillo brought in a ghost hunter to investigate the manor was there a mention of the paranormal at the site. The ghost hunter captured strange voices on their recorder and promptly shared these findings with all of the local media. The accounts garnered attention for years until the manor burned for the second time in 1989.

Changing ownership again with a subsequent rebuild Beardslee established itself as a fine dining restaurant and tavern. The original 1983 investigation spurred interest from a number of amateur investigators and recently was investigated by a team of TV ghost hunters. Now after 28 years since the first investigation Beardslee Castle has become a staple of Central New York ghost stories.


By NY Shadow Chasers


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