Procrastinators need love too. Or at least not to end up in the dog house.

Sometimes, February 14th just sneaks up on you - what being tucked in between the 13th and 15th - I mean, who knew? Just because you didn't actually remember Valentine's Day and all the best restaurants are booked and everywhere is sold out of roses and the only chocolates left at the drugstore are Cadbury Creme Eggs...that doesn't mean you love your significant other any less.

We feel your pain. There's still hope - it'll just take a little ingenuity.

Last Minute Valentine's Dav Ideas Right in CNY

1. Create a relationship scavenger hunt. It'll take a little work - but string together clues leading to the place you met, your first date --- where you first kissed --- at the final location, hide a bottle of wine and toast to your relationship.

2. Cook together. Try something new - there's nothing you can't learn to do on YouTube - maybe now is the time to make a souffle...or meatloaf - whatever floats your boat.

3. Make a special dinner for two. Enough candles and wine, and no one will notice that your steak is a little well done.

4. Go on a dessert tour of your favorite restaurants. Hit up your favorite spots - it's probably too late for a dinner reservation, but you can grab a drink and dessert at the bar. Valentine's calories don't count. No one had better dessert than CNY.

5. Try a little choreplay. Nothing says "I love you" like wiping some tasks off a loved one's to do list. Change the windshield wipers, fix that broken doorknob, replace the jiggly handle on the toilet - I get all swoony just thinking about it.

When it come's to Valentine's Day, it's not about the stuff, it's about the thought behind it. Now hurry up, it's February 14th this year! 


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