Fall is officially here - the leaves are starting to change and fall, the weather is getting a little chillier, and the kids are back in school. This time of the year does have its challenges, though.

Autumn Leaf
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Granted, there are some good things about fall, but with summer officially gone, some things are going to be hard to get use to. Here are five of those things...

1 - The Temperature Change in One Day is Ridiculous

It's really chilly in the morning - so you're in jeans and a sweatshirt. By the time noon hits though, you're really to catch on fire - it's THAT hot! It's like Mother Nature can't figure out what she wants to do. The only solution is to have a million hoodies, and a spare change of clothes in your car.

2 - Your Kids' Schedule Starts Messing With Your Schedule

This is when you may need some help from the Declutter Coach - and her tips on helping your kids stay organized for school. In the summer, it seems like there's enough time to get everyone where they need to be. Now there are time restrictions. Between school, after-school activities, doctor and dentist appointments, and everything else - You need to plan more now, than ever before.

Leaves all Over the Ground
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3 - Leaves... EVERYWHERE!

How come there are leaves in the bathroom? And in the car? Well, it's fall - leaves will be everywhere, and sometimes mysteriously appear in the weirdest spots. Not much you can do about this... Just deal until all the leaves are dead, and buried under snow.

4 - Speaking of Snow...

That's right - One of the hardest things to deal with in the fall, is knowing that winter is right around the corner. It gets colder, and the sky gets darker earlier, and before we know it - there's snow. And we know how rough a Central New York winter can be. Just a friendly reminder - It will be here before we're ready for it.

Spider and Its Web
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5 - Spiders

Now that it's getting cooler out, the spiders are looking for a place to make their new home. It seems like there's more spiders hanging around in the fall than any other time of the year. Make sure you spray outside of your house, so you don't have the creepy-crawlies trying to move into your home. GROSS!



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