Watching the leaves change color is an amazing sight, but does anybody still travel to see the changes? Or is it an activity that is slowly fading away.

Leaves Changing Color in the Autumn
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Any time you can head out and enjoy nature is a great experience, whether it's watching the flowers bloom, seeing a sunset, or at this time of the year, taking in the changing colors of the leaves.

It use to be a thing - getting in the car and heading up north (or to a different state), to see the fall foliage. But do people still do this? Granted, living in Central New York has us spoiled - we have mountains and valleys, rivers and creeks, and an amazing view of the leaves changing right in our backyards. But does that matter? Will you still head up north and see the changing colors of the leaves? Will you head to another state? Or are you content with the view you have here - in Central New York?

Will you leave the Utica, Rome, and surrounding area to take in the fall foliage? Will you check it out for a day trip, or are you happy just looking out the window of your home? Vote below and let us know.




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