Spring may be a month away, but its never too early to be thinking about spring cleaning. Here are a few areas you might be forgetting about and some tips on how to get them the cleanest.

We all put serious time into vacuuming, washing dishes and dusting, but what about some of the more hard-to-get-to areas?

Fabric and upholstery

Regularly vacuum your couches, love seats and chairs. Even your mattress can be vacuumed. Don't forget about your curtains and slip covers too. Most of these can be tossed in the washing machine. The amount of dust and allergens you eliminate will be noticeable.

The top of everything

Cabinets, refrigerators, ceiling fan blades, doorways, bookcases and light fixtures collect dust and even sometimes dead bugs. Hit these areas with a vacuum first and then wipe clean with a dust rag or extendable duster.

Appliances (Kitchen and electronics)

The back of your television is a dust magnet and chances are it rarely gets cleaned. The same goes with your kitchen appliances. Giving them a good cleaning will make food taste better and keep them lasting longer.

  • -Soak oven pans and stove rings in dish detergent and water overnight to get rid of grease
  • -Run a vinegar and water mix through your coffee pot. This cleans off grime and will make your coffee taste way better
  • -You can use vinegar for your dishwasher too. Just put a cup or bowl full on the top rack and run on the highest setting
  • -To clean your microwave of the last few months of caked-on food, heat a bowl of water for a few minutes, the steam will make the dried food wipe right off. If you need a little more cleaning power, use a mix of water and vinegar or lemon juice

The trash can

Perhaps no place collects germs more than the trash can. It is a good idea to clean the can inside and out at least once a month. Not only will it be more sanitary, but it will look better in your kitchen nice and clean.

Garbage disposal

Similar to the trash can, the disposal can begin to really stink after a while. To combat this odor, pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture bubble for a while (like the volcanoes we all made in elementary science class) and then rinse it with a bucket of hot water. You can add a little cleaning power and fresh scent by grinding up a half a lemon in the disposal after cleaning.

There you have it! Keep your home fresh and clean with just a few extra steps.

Do you have any cleaning tips you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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