Coffee is great - it picks you up in the morning, it keeps you going throughout the day, and it can warm you up when it's chilly outside - But did you know there are tons of uses for those coffee grounds, as well?

Coffee Grounds
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Even if you don't drink coffee, you're probably close with someone who does (a friend, co-worker, or even significant other). Instead of throwing away those coffee grounds after every pot of coffee, you can now reuse them in other areas around the house. You can reuse them for anything - from cleaning your home, to helping your garden, and everything in between! Here are the Top 5 uses for your old coffee grounds:

1 - Hair Treatment

Use coffee grounds as a conditioning treatment for your hair. Just rub them through your hair before you wash it. You may want to leave the grounds in for a few minutes before rinsing them out right away.

2 - Fertilizer

Coffee grounds work great as fertilizer in your garden. There's still nutrients in the coffee grounds which make the soil better for growing.

3 - Exfoliate Your Skin

You can use coffee grounds to exfoliate your skin, and give you a spa-like treatment right at home. According to Popsugar,

Mix honey with coffee grounds to create a scrub that you can use for your face or body to keep your skin feeling smooth and to help it glow. The scrub is also said to reduce cellulite on your body.


4 -Remove Stains

If you mix vinegar, warm water, and coffee grounds, you can get stains and scratches out of wooden furniture. The scratches won't necessarily disappear, but they will be covered up pretty well.

5 - Get Rid of Odors

You can also use a bowl of coffee grounds to get rid of odors around the house. According to Kitchen Daily,

It is easy to use coffee grounds to absorb smells! Just fill a bowl with them and leave it wherever the stink is, for a quick, inexpensive fix!


Those are just some of the ways you can use coffee grounds in your everyday life, instead of just throwing them out! There are tons of other uses for your coffee grounds, you can check more out at Popsugar or Kitchen Daily.




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