After you finish off that jar of pickles don't throw away the juice! Pickle juice has tons of uses you've probably never heard of, but will definitely make things a lot easier for you. Check out these five surprising ways to use pickle juice.

Pickle Jars
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 For Cleaning

Pickle juice is known to clean up blackened copper pans, but you can also use it to clean off a grill. The juice works great to get off anything that's charred, or has those tough, cooked-on, crusty pieces.

PMS Problems

Yep it's true, especially if you're trying to fight cramps. Pickle juice helps relax muscles by restoring electrolytes and helps your body stay hydrated. Plus, the pickle taste may help you from reaching for cookies or chips (that always seem to taste better around that time of the month).

Alcoholic Beverages
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I can vouch for this one - pickle juice WILL make you feel better if you have a hangover. The juice adds sodium to your body, and helps you rehydrate. So don't throw away that pickle juice - leave it in your fridge. You never know when this one will be handy!

Killing Weeds

Careful with this one (so you don't leave brown patches in your yard). You can put pickle juice in a spray bottle, and spray it on dandelions or other weeds you want gone. All the salt and vinegar in the juice will kill off those nasty weeds - Plus it won't hurt your family, pets, or the environment!

After Exercising

Pickle juice is scientifically proven to help after a workout. The juice prevents cramps (and if you already have cramps, the juice will help make the cramps go away faster). Plus it helps keep your body hydrated which is ridiculously important after working out.


These are just a few things pickle juice is good for. There are tons and TONS of other uses for the juice, but these are definitely my favorite. I also heard it's good for making mixed drinks, and anywhere else you may use plain vinegar (like making salad dressings, and stuff like that).




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