Going out to dinner with friends and family is supposed to be a fun, relaxing event. It's hard to be relaxed though, if you're worried about spending too much money.

Who doesn't like going out to dinner? Whether it's to meet and catch up with old friends, or if it's to celebrate something in our lives, having a meal at one of the many restaurants in Central New York is just something we like to do. Well, going out can get pretty expensive, pretty fast. We want you to be able to enjoy your time out, so here are 5 easy ways to save some cash while dining out - Without skimping on the experience.

1 - Groupon

If you've never used Groupon, you should give it a try. Not only does it have deals on hotel rooms, electronics, and such, but it also has deals when it comes to dining out. A lot of times you can get gift cards or certificates for certain restaurants at a fraction of the price. It's worth looking into for the chance to save a few bucks.

2 - Don't Go Out For Dinner

Why go out if you're not going out for dinner? Well, dinner prices are always more money than if you head out for breakfast or lunch. If you're dining out with friends and family, get together for a big lunch, and maybe come back home for a light dinner (or even have your leftovers from lunch).

3 - Ask About Daily Specials

Be honest - how often to do you actually ask the server what their specials are? Most people don't ask, and don't pay attention when the server lists them off. But the daily specials at restaurants are usually a lot cheaper than the regular meal. Make sure you ask about the specials first off - if you decide on one of those options, you could save quite a few dollars on your dining trip.

Forget the Dessert or Appetizers

You don't need to have a five-course meal while dining out. If you want to have the full "dinner experience" maybe go for one or the other. Settle for an appetizer that everyone can share (or two), or get dessert at the end. You can even split the dessert to save a few bucks, instead of everyone getting their own individual treat.

Do Some Research to Find the Best Deals

You can always search out the restaurant you're going to online, as well. You never know what kind of deals they're offering, or what kind of deals other sites may have for that specific restaurant. Just like anything else in life, you should do some research before heading out - you could save a lot of money.




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