Have you heard that you can "regrow" lettuce that you bought at the grocery store? Does it really work?

If you're looking to save a little bit of money (depending on how much money you spend buying lettuce at the grocery store), this little "life hack" may be right up your alley. After seeing a video on Facebook showing the ability to "regrow" lettuce, we decided to do some stalking out and find out if it's actually true (you can't believe everything you see on Facebook - Even if it is in a video).

Turns out, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing you how to regrow lettuce. Even a few videos from news stations across the country - If they are willing to do a segment on it, well there's got to be something to this, right?

The best part is it's really, REALLY simple to do! You just cut off the bottom of the Romaine Lettuce and stick it in a jar of water. You then put it in a window (or some place where it can get some sunlight) and let it grow.

From all the videos we watched, most people suggest letting it grow for two weeks. You can then eat it or replant it outside to grow more (but most people seemed to use it as a quick way to get a second batch of lettuce - And just ate it).

There were also quite a few comments warning people to only regrow the lettuce once from each cut piece. If you try to regrow it a second time, people complained that it tasted weird. But there you have it! If you eat a lot of salads, or use a lot of Romaine Lettuce, you can now get twice for what you pay for.



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