There has been lots of studies done on the danger of drinking energy drinks, but how bad are they for you, really? As someone who used to drink them all day, everyday - I can tell you the changes from giving them up.

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I've been drinking energy drinks for more than 10 years. I didn't just drink them in the morning either, it was all I drank. On an average day I drank anywhere between 3 and 6 energy drinks (just saying that now sounds so gross to me). But from drinking them all the time like that, if I tried to go without them I felt slow and sluggish, and just not myself. I figured I would never quit this habit, but I was sick of wasting all that money!

Last January I got sick - not from the energy drinks though, it was just the flu or something. But I was sick for a few days, and couldn't drink the energy drinks. After making it four days without energy drinks, I figured the caffeine and chemicals were out of my system and I could fight the urge to drink them (which I was able to do). The first few days I did feel weird - like groggy, and tired out, but I stuck with it.

It has been 6 months (today), since I had an energy drink, and there are a lot differences in my life - and I know a lot of it has to do with the chemicals and the overload of sugar in the drinks.

1 - I feel healthier. This is probably because I replaced energy drinks with water. That's right - me, a person who has never been a big water-drinker, now drinks about 6 bottles of water a day, and I feel great!

2 - I'm not tired. The things I thought were keeping me moving and full of energy really weren't. I mean, they would perk me up for a few hours, but the crash made me more tired than ever (and I didn't even realize it).

3 - My face and skin is clearer. Yes I'm an adult, and yes I still get a pimple here or there, or a blemish of some sort. But since I stopped drinking energy drinks my face and skin look a lot more clearer. It looks healthier.

4 - I've lost weight. I didn't stop drinking energy drinks to lose weight, but it was a happy bonus. All that sugar and calories were really adding up.

5 - My mood is better. This one is a weird one, and I don't know if it's just me, or if there is science behind it. The only thing I could figure is all that sugar, then the crash was really messing with my blood sugar. I would have some really messed up mood swings (seriously, like I was a five-year-old). But now I don't have that.

Overall I'm happier, I feel healthier, and I'm so glad I was able to stop drinking the energy drinks. Plus I'm saving a lot of money, so that's always a big bonus. A stopped one bad habit, now I continue working on my next: Quitting Smoking...



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