We want to believe that mankind is heading in the right direction, and some stories and posts make us feel that way. This is not one of those moments...

In this week's "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video, I get a little fired up, and I'm hoping it's for nothing. I'm hoping SO bad, that I'm overreacting, and this isn't a sign of stupidity and ridiculousness that just seems to be getting worse.

I love those stories of random acts of kindness, I love hearing the good news of new advances in science and medicine, and all those feel-good, wonderful stories. This is not one of those stories. Now, this isn't a story of someone doing something terrible, or anything like that. It's more of a generalization... Let's just get into it...

Alright, so Beth from "Beth and Dave in the Morning" showed me a post from "Mondovo" that names the top "1000 Questions Asked on Google." Harmless, right? And for the most part it was, but there are some searches that just had me shaking my head.

#2 on the list (as in the second most searched question on google) was "What time is it?"


Please tell me I'm missing something (I would LOVE to be wrong on this). But, isn't the time always visible at the bottom of the screen on a computer? I've never seen a computer where the time isn't easily seen. And if you're searching that on your phone? IT'S ON YOUR PHONE! What phone doesn't have the time? I'm really confused on how this became the second biggest search on Google.

There were a lot of "adult" searches as well. Questions about how to do or perform certain acts. Are young kids searching these topics and learning too much at too young of an age? Are parents not talking to kids about the birds and the bees anymore? These searches were very off-putting to say the least... And there were A LOT of them.

And the worst ones? There were many, many searches about how to get more Instagram followers, how to hack someone's Facebook Page, and how to figure out someone's password. First, the Instagram thing: Why are people worried about this? Why are people basing their life on how many likes they get or how many followers they have? There are bigger things to worry about, and life's too short for all that nonsense. Just do you, and you'll be fine. And for the hacking accounts and stealing passwords? That's just awful. And yet, these are top searches on Google.

Another popular search was "What is a verb." This one, we're hoping it's someone just trying to expand their knowledge or refresh their memory. This is something you learn in elementary school, isn't it? Either way, that one isn't so bad.

And not all the searches were awful. Some of them really made us feel that people are just trying to learn and better themselves. "How to tie a tie," "How to make scrambled eggs," and questions like that made us feel a little better.

Hey, it's Google, you can search whatever you want, learn whatever you want, and decide whether or not you want to retain that information. Some of these top searches... I don't know, they're kinda "sad," for a lack of a better term. You can check them out yourself if you'd like: Mondovo.com




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