Forget Hatchimals, this toy is going to be the next big craze. These cute little stuffed animals have a little bit of a dark side, though.

In this week's "98 Seconds" video, Naomi Lynn explains a tradition her and her sister have had during Christmas since they were little. It has to do with her sister getting her a stuffed animal every year - When she was younger it was cute, now as they've gotten older it has just become a fun, silly thing to do. Well, this year was no different.

Naomi's sister seems to try and find the most quirky or interesting stuffed animal possible. Last year it was a giant stuffed animal that looked like a marshmallow peep (the bunny ones). This year, her sister found this adorable pink kitty... with a dark side. Watch the video (at the top of this page), to see what the toy actually does.

Hatchimals were the big toy trend of the holiday season this past year, but Naomi thinks that if "Feisty Pets" catch on, they'll be the biggest thing of Christmas 2017. They have a variety of pets to choose from like cats, dogs, teddy bears, monkeys, bunnies, even stuffed unicorns. You can see the whole collection and learn more about "Feisty Pets" by visiting their website here.



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