In this week's "98 Seconds" video, Naomi Lynn heads to one of the area's fast food restaurants to try a new item they've added to their menus.

I always making the joke that I'm the "unofficial spokesperson for Taco Bell" in our area, because I end up going there SO much, and I'm always checking out the newest items and offers they have available. Plus, Taco Bell is pretty good about keeping up on the latest food trends as well, from mashing two foods together (like their "loaded taco burrito" or the "quesarito") or adding sriracha sauce to menu items (when that was a big hit like a year ago).

About a month ago, Taco Bell introduced this "Naked Chicken Chalupa," which had some mixed reviews... probably because it was a pretty unique idea to make the entire shell out of a piece of chicken. But I decided to try it before I knocked it (and even I thought it was weird), and surprise, surprise... It was delicious! Taco Bell ended up getting rid of this menu item, which had people (who actually gave the item a try), disappointed. But Taco Bell isn't about leaving its customers disappointed. That's why they came out with this new item: the "Naked Chicken Chips."

The naked chicken chips are just like the outside of their introduced naked chicken chalupa. I'm not sure what kind of seasoning they use in their breading for the chicken, but it's amazing (and if you watch the video at the top of this page, you'll see just how "amazing" everything is). And it's not a bad deal: You can get 6 of the "nuggets" with their delicious nacho cheese for $1.99. They also offer it in a 12-pack. Oh, and it's 390 calories for the 6-pack, which definitely isn't bad for a light meal or a big snack.

If your kids, or you yourself love chicken nuggets, I suggest you give these bad boys a try. They really are a step up from most fast food nuggets you're going to find. And it leaves me wondering about the next trend Taco Bell is going to jump on board with... Could we see more "bacon-inspired" menu items? Or maybe an all-organic, "natural" taco?





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