In this week's '98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn' video, she mentions some new things she's discovered from living in New York.

Most people know Naomi Lynn is originally from Michigan. She moved out to New York almost two years ago, and learned A LOT being in a new part of the country. Even small things that some people wouldn't even notice has stuck out to her.

She's done many stories about it from "10 Things I Learned Living in Central New York For 10 Days" to "What I Learned in My First Year in Central New York," and others. She goes over some of the little differences in the video (at the top of this page) - Things like it's "soda" not "pop," the roads are more confusing because sometimes they change name from one side of the intersection to the other, the landscape is different, Dunkin Donuts is the coffee place on every corner not Tim Horton's, and tons of other little things that aren't the same.

Naomi realized two other small differences just the other day, and wanted to share them. The first one has to do with rain and roadways. The second difference has to deal with the way people say what city or town they are from.

It seems like the roadways get flooded with water A LOT faster out here, even when it only rains for a half hour or an hour, there's SO much water on the roadways. It feels like it's easier to hydroplane in Central New York, compared to Southeast Michigan.

The other difference happens when people say what city or town they're from. Most people tend to say "Utica, New York," "Boonville, New York," "Clinton, New York" or things like that. They add in the "New York" part. Naomi is used to people just saying "Columbus," "Port Huron," or "Jeddo."

Not that they're big deals, it was just two new things that Naomi Lynn has noticed since living in Central New York. Make sure you look for next week's "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video - Who knows what the topic will be or what she will be doing then!



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