It has officially been a year since Naomi Lynn picked up her life and moved out to Utica, New York. A lot has changed in that year, and she shares some of the biggest lessons she's learned.

A lot can happen in 365 days. For me, my whole life has changed in that short amount of time, but it has changed for the better. Moving out to Central New York was a learning experience in itself, and here are the Top 10 things I've learned since being out here.

Comets Game in Syracuse
Naomi Lynn/TSM

1 - Hockey is Where It’s At!

And it’s all about the Utica Comets! If you’re not a Utica Comets Fan… well, I don’t know, that’s just disappointing – devastating, even…
U-TI-CA! U-TI-CA! U-TI-CA! – You know where I’m going with this.

2 - The Roads Still Don’t Make Any Sense.

I mean, I can find out where I need to go, but the setup and everything… It’s just wrong, it’s weird.

3 - Never Debate With ANYONE Who Has The Best Chicken Riggies!

Seriously, just don’t start arguing about it – That’s how you lose friends.

Saranac Summer Pils Box
Naomi Lynn/TSM

4 - Saranac Is King!

If you don’t like Saranac Beer, or even their soda – What are you doing? Why are you in Central New York??

5 - Kan-Jam Is The Best Way To Spend A Spring Or Summer Afternoon.

It’s seriously one of the best games you can play outside. Hey – You can even play it in the winter – a little Snow Kan-Jam… Why Not? Any time is a good time for Kan-Jam.

6 - Dunkin Donuts Is Where You Get Your Coffee.

No one seems that interested in Starbucks or Tim Horton’s. It’s Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts is where you get your coffee. Dunkin Donuts is where you get your donuts. Dunkin Donuts is where you get your breakfast sandwiches. Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donuts.

Mountains in the Background of Eighth Lake
Naomi Lynn/TSM

7 - The Adirondacks Are More Than The Background For Scenic Pictures.

I mean, you can use them for that, but they’re also the number one vacation spot – Heading into the Adirondacks. You can go fishing, and camping, hiking, kayaking… everything. When you go on vacation – you go up north – you go to the Adirondacks.

8 - Central New York Really Does Have the Best Food.

Seriously – there’s a million restaurants – whatever type of food you want, the quality… the possibilities are endless, really. And you don’t even have to go that far – Just walk around the block, or go down the street – whatever you want is right there!

Varick Street Sign
Naomi Lynn/TSM

9 - Food Is Covered – Well, So Are The Drinks!

If you want to spend the night out on the town, no problem! Varick Street is where it’s at. You can just jump from bar to bar, stop and get food, check out some live music, stop by another bar, sing some karaoke, get some snacks… You really can do it all on Varick Street.

10 - I’ve Still Got A Lot More Learning To Do.

Central New York is Huuuuugggee – It will take me years and years to explore it all, but Central New York is also my new home, so that’s a challenge I’m willing to take.

Yep, it’s been quite a year in Central New York – and I’m looking forward to the next! …And the next… And the next….