In this week's "98 Seconds" video, Naomi Lynn gives you a little peek of what's really going on in the studio during a morning show.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a radio station? Like, what are the personalities doing when you don't hear them talking on-air?

The easiest answer is "a lot," but we figured we would rather show you, than tell you about it. In this week's "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video, I recorded a few pieces of the More Music Morning Show, so you could see what I'm doing in the studio when I'm not actually talking. And how ridiculous it looks when I am talking (what am I doing with those hands?!)

Now, let me just point out (like I have for other videos before), 98 seconds isn't a lot of time to get anything across, so of course it had to be sped up and edited so I could fit in the most info in the shortest amount of time. Also, the recorded pieces are from news, Mindbender Trivia, answering calls, and taking information. Unfortunately, seeing as we sped things up, you won't be able to hear what we're doing, but you'll at least get to see it (plus, we can't record any of the music that plays due to copyright laws, so it works out that there's no sound).

So this is just a little piece of how much multitasking we do in the morning. Obviously we couldn't get into everything that goes into planning (and executing) a show, but it is a little "peek" of what's really happening in the studio. Check out the video for yourself at the top of this page.



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