Winter Storm 'Stella' battered the Northeast and dumped tons of snow from Pennsylvania and New York all the way up through New Hampshire and Maine. We've taken a time-lapse video of the snow piling up in Central New York.

I've been watching the snow fall from the comfort of the Lite 98.7 Studios, but it's no doubt that this storm is a big deal. We've heard them talk about a "historic storm" and a "record-breaking storm," but it's kind of hard to believe until it actually starts snowing. Now that it has, it is fitting.

The video (at the top of this page) is of the snow piling up. The first clip was taken just after 9am, after it had been snowing steadily since about 5am. There's not a whole lot on the ground, but it was coming down decently fast and slowly adding up. The next clip was taken just before 11am and so on and so forth. As you can see in the video, it takes time, but the snow does start piling up.

And even after the video was finished, the snow was still falling. That's crazy. Add that in with the gusty winds and we're dealing with a pretty nasty storm. We weren't technically in the "Blizzard Warning" areas, but we might as well have been. It looked and felt like a blizzard out there.

Did you take any pictures of the snow piling up outside your home or work? We would love to see them. You can drop them in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or email them to me directly at:




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