Ever wonder what radio personalities do throughout the day? Well, here's a quick peek into a day at the radio station.

Unfortunately, these "98 Second Videos" are too short - So it's hard to get into detail about what happens at the station. The video leaves out a lot of key things, but it does give you at least a little view of a typical day for Naomi Lynn.

Since Naomi is on two shows (that are a lot different from each other), that takes up most of the video - But she does give a good explanation to how the day starts, and what it's like when she switches over to her show at 9am.

The video wraps up after Naomi is off-air and heads to her back office where she gets stories and ideas for the next day. She also answers emails, interacts with listeners on Facebook and Twitter, and ties up some loose ends for the day.

Like we said earlier, the video is so short Naomi couldn't go into major detail about the station - Like what it's like "running the board," and taking requests during Lunch at the Lite Cafe at noon. She didn't even get a chance to mention anything about writing, shooting videos, voicing commercials, creating imaging, or handling the website.

Even though everyone works extremely hard at the station, they all still make time for fun. Sometimes the fun consists of freaking out coworkers, having sword-fights with found objects, or just laughing and joking, and watching ridiculous videos they find online. You'll hear more about all that fun stuff in the next "98 Seconds Video."



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