Thomas Pfisterer was at a friend's graduation party when he noticed no one was manning the rented snow cone machine. The New Hartford teen stepped up to crush the ice and squirt the sugary syrup...and an entrepreneur was born.

Stop by the New Hartford Village Green most days and you'll find Tom manning his own snow cone stand, happily spending time with neighbors who come by for the conversation while waiting on the small line of customers ready to get their icy treat.

According to his mother Gina, right after that graduation party years ago, Tom immediately started researching the idea of purchasing his very own snow cone vending station. Tom was just 14-years-old at the time. He saved up to buy his own while reading books on starting and managing his own business. The following summer, Tom was up and running, and he hasn't looked back since. Tom has been especially amazed by, and grateful for, the community support. According to his mother:

...some folks just come to talk, some bring their pets as he provides goodies for them, too. Some will drop off money and say this is for the next person who comes "pay it forward style". Tom is amazed by the kindness he has been shown by (people from) this wonderful community and some from (people) beyond.

So what has Tom done with 6 year's worth of profits? Some of the money has gone to help pay for college, but some money has also gone to support local charities. What a generous young man.

...many different flavors and still for only $1.00, this frozen concoction will bring a smile to your face and stir a memory of days gone by. And he always serves with a smile and a kind word.

If you're in New Hartford in the summer or spring, make sure you stop by and get an ice cold snow cone from Tom. You're not just supporting a local entrepreneur, you're supporting your community as well.


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