A melt-your-heart baby lamb has gained a new momma in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. The rare spotted lamb’s real mother rejected her baby, leaving co-owner John Bolton’s Dalmatian to raise, and the bond has viewers all over the world squealing in delight after watching the video.

The  pooch was in heat when the lamb was born, and her motherly instincts kicked in, allowing her to have a stand-in puppy and for the adorable little lamb to have a mother. Momma Dog stimulates her new baby’s bowels the way she would for any canine pups she would have had, cleans her face with long swipes of her tongue, and also provides her adopted child with companionship.

It’s great benefit for both the dog and the previously disregarded lamb. It also shows just how strong the bond of motherhood can be, despite the fact that it’s a cross-species adoption.

Mr. Bolton jokes that he’s not sure if the little lamb chop should be called a “sheep-mation” or a “dal-dorper”. Whatever they wind up nicknaming the cute little ball of fluff,  one thing is for certain: no one can watch this video without “awww-ing” uncontrollably and then running off to hug the nearest Dalmatian dog you can find.

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