It was another exciting episode of 'America's Got Talent' - with TONS of extreme and dangerous acts this time. There were still the normal acts as well, with magicians, singers, dancers, and everything else. Here's the top 5 acts from last night (Tuesday - June 16).

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    Metal Mulisha

    Freestyle Motocross Stunts

    These guys were crazy. I've never been big into motocross, but I was highly entertained watching these guys perform.

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    Daniella Mass


    This girl has been through a lot in her life already and she's only 22 years old. Her voice brings the audience to their feet with this popular opera tune.

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    Damone Rippy


    I had never heard of flyboarding before - but this was pretty cool. Seriously, he looked like he was having so much fun. It makes me want to find a place that does flyboarding and try it out!

  • 2

    The Squad

    Dance Act

    It's all about timing when it comes to the dance acts. These guys were perfect - their perfect timing really pulled off the 'feeling' and made certain moves look bigger and better.

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    Aiden Sinclair


    This guy's story is so moving - everybody deserves a second chance! But it's not all about the story... his trick was unbelievable. Plus, Howard had to call his mom, so that makes it that more entertaining!