We're getting down to the last of the 'Judge Cuts' portion of America's Got Talent. Last night, another 20 hopefuls performed, but only 7 advanced to Radio City Music Hall.

There is only one more week left of the 'Judge Cuts' part of AGT (which means Syracuse Native Leo Lytel has to be a part of next week). Last night, Howie brought on his special guest judge - comedian/actor: Marlon Wayans. Who did Wayans hit the golden buzzer for? What 7 acts made it to Radio City Music Hall?

**This was the first week I thought the judges actually picked the right acts to go through. Usually there is one act I think they send through that they really shouldn't. Not this week though, the judges got it right!


  • 1

    Triple Threat


    These guys are your unexpected boy band - maybe because they don't look like a normal boy band, but their singing abilities are better than most. Last night they performed Ariana Grande's 'Problem,' and made me actually like that song - so kudos to them!

  • 2

    Animation Crew

    Dance Group

    This is a different style of dancing - and I loved it. It really is 'animated.' This performance was amazing, and they deserved to go on to Radio City Music Hall.

  • 3

    Oz Pearlman


    Where do I even start with this guy?! He does two separate tricks, both are amazing, but the second one... I have no words to describe it. He said he was going to do something no one has seen before, and he did (which is hard to do in the ten years of AGT).

  • 4

    Mountain Faith Band


    I wasn't sure if the judges were going to vote this performance through. They were great, but the competition was tough! I'm glad they did make it to the next round though, they really deserved it. They took a pop/rock song - The Darkness 'I believe in a Thing Called Love,' and turned it into this bluegrassy sounding song. It was really well done.

  • 5

    Vita Radionova


    This girl is so strong and flexible. I just stared at the TV screen thinking, 'how is that possible' and 'omg that's so crazy' during her whole audition. I was entertained and amazed - I think she deserved to go on to the next round.

  • 6

    Benton Blount


    This performer has such an amazing voice, and takes control of a song and the audience with ease. To get up on a big stage, with just a guitar and your voice, and be able to rock the crowd that much... well, that's talent.

    His voice has this 'roughness' sound to it, and I really like it. I want to hear him cover a Metallica song - I think he could rock that!

  • 7

    Paul Zerdin


    Not only has this guy mastered the 'not moving your lips' deal, but he's also mastered the 'throwing your voice.' That to me, makes a great ventriloquist. He did an amazing job, and it was something everyone could enjoy - the kids, the parents, grandparents, everyone!

    Marlon Wayans hit the golden buzzer for him, and sent him straight to Radio City Music Hall, without a judge deliberation. That was a good choice - he deserved it.

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