ICYMI: Last night was the final round of the 'Judge Cuts' on America's Got Talent. Another 20 acts performed in the hopes of going on to Radio City Music Hall. Only 7 advanced, however.

Last night was a very emotional America's Got Talent. I'm not sure whether it was because of Piers Morgan showing up as a guest judge (brings back memories, doesn't it), or the fact that the judges really messed up in this round of picks. Whatever it was, there was a lot of yelling at the TV last night (and unanswered questions, as well). One thing I do know for sure - here are the seven acts that moved on to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall.

  • 1

    The Gentlemen


    These kids did better than I expected, actually. I'm not really big into the kid performances - unless they are ridiculously good. I wasn't expecting much out of this group, but they proved me wrong - I was pretty entertained.

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    Derek Hughes


    I wasn't impressed with the first audition Derek Hughes did, but I do think he made up for it this round. Guest judge Piers Morgan didn't think so, though.

    There's a lot of magic acts that are really good this year. This guy has to bring it (like he did in this round) every single time, if he wants to make it further in this competition.

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    Duo Volta

    Trapeze Act

    This is where the judges really, REALLY messed up! Duo Vladimir - a hand-balancing act (that it sort of similar to this group) went home. These guys moved on. Now, I'm not saying these guys weren't good (they were amazing) BUT they didn't step it up. The hand-balancing act DID step it up, and they deserved to go on.

    I'm sorry, but I think the judges made a terrible mistake with this one!

  • 4

    Alicia Michilli


    This girl has quite a voice on her. I think she did a decent job, but I'm not sure if it was strong enough to go on (especially some of the better acts that didn't make it to Radio City Music Hall). But apparently the judges felt that it was - so she's moving on.

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    Gary Vider


    This one I think the judges got right. He did a great job - he was so funny, and you could relate to what he was saying. I think he had one of the stronger performances, compared to a lot of the other acts last night.

  • 6

    Stevie Starr


    This guy is gross, BUT amazingly talented. Seriously, I hate watching what he does, but he's so skilled, and just does some weird stuff - I don't know...

    The only thing I know is that he was entertaining, he has talent, and he deserved to go on to the next round (even if I have a hard time watching his act).

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    Dance/Technology Act

    This is the hardest group to judge - I think. When performers add lights and special effects to their dance, it makes it look that much cooler (but it also makes it that much easier for mess ups to happen). I think these guys did an awesome job and deserved to go on to Radio City Music Hall.

    Piers Morgan (who was hating on everyone last night), liked them so much that he hit the golden buzzer for them. At least we know Piers likes one act, anyway.

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