Last night was a painful night on America's Got Talent. The pressure got to some of the best acts, leaving them in defeat, and sending them home. Out of the 20 performances, seven made it to the next round - Radio City Music Hall.

It was also another judge cuts episode, which means there was a special judge along with the regular panel. This week Michael Buble held that honor. Who did he push the golden buzzer for? Who was sent straight to Radio City Music Hall - with no judge deliberation?

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    DM Nation

    Dance Group

    These girls rocked it! I'm pretty critical when it comes to the dance acts (only because I've been following the show for years, and I've seen a lot of amazing dancers), but this was great! I couldn't pick it a part - no matter how hard I tried. If they keep this up, they will go far in this competition.

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    Uzeyer Novruzov

    Circus Performer

    I love this guy. He's definitely entertaining - balancing on ladders, running up and down them (and they're not leaning against anything - he's holding them up by being on them). The only thing I'm worried about is if he can or can't step it up next round. He's going to have to do something even bigger if he plans on going further in AGT. And I hope he does!

    *There wasn't a video of his latest performance, so this is his opening audition. Just watching this will show how he deserves to go to Radio City Music Hall

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    Selected of God Choir

    Choir Singers

    Straight out of Detroit, Michigan, this group rocked the house by changing up their musical genre. This time they performed a hit from Destiny's Child, and it definitely got the crowd going.

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    Benjamin Yonattan


    Not only is this kid young and a great dancer, but he's also blind. A blind dancer. Just take a moment to think about how difficult that has to be. He did an amazing job and he deserved to move on to the next round.

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    Daniella Mass


    I don't know where the voice comes from on this young girl. Seriously. She blew away the audience, and the judges (and ended up getting a standing ovation). I can't really explain it anymore - you have to just see it for yourself.

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    Puppet/Singing Act

    This act beat out a magician that did an awesome trick that left everyone stunned. I think the judges made a mistake taking Ira to the next round - but who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Everyone seemed to like this act, but I really didn't care for it.

    I guess that's why I'm not a judge.

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    The Craig Lewis Band


    These singers did an awesome job performing Mary J. Blige's 'I'm Going Down.' They did so well, Michael Buble hit the golden buzzer for them and sent them to Radio City Music Hall (although he teased them for a while, before actually hitting the button).

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