The last 12 acts of America's Got Talent performed for their chance to move on to the semifinals. Here are the top acts from last night's show - the acts that deserve to advance in the competition.


  • 1

    Chapkis Dance Family

    Dance Group

    This is a huge group - with over 30 dancers on the stage, so their timing is very, VERY, important! I think they did an awesome job - their timing was pretty good, and their formations were outstanding! The only critique I would have on these guys is to switch up some of the moves. I think a lot of the moves need to be even bigger, especially for a big group.

  • 2

    The Professional Regurgitator

    Swallows Objects

    This guy's act grosses me out and mesmerizes me at the same time. Last night, he swallowed Hedi Klum's ring (worth a half-million dollars), a key, and a lock - all separate. He then, regurgitated the items, all connected together. It's such a weird talent, but absolutely amazing at the same time!

  • 3

    Mountain Faith Band

    Bluegrass Band

    I'm always curious to see what these guys are going to perform each week. They take popular songs and give them this 'blue-grassy' feel, and it's really amazing! This week they decided to cover Walk the Moon's 'Shut Up and Dance' - which was a great song choice, and they rocked it!

  • 4


    Dancers with Visual Effects

    Wow! As for all the digital and dance combined acts, I think these guys take the gold after last night's performance. Their timing was A+, their dancing was A+, the animation was A+. On top of all that, they lost one of their dancers right before the performance - and they still pulled off an amazing act! They definitely deserve to go on.

  • 5

    Metal Mulisha Fitz Army


    I have never been a big fan of motocross, but these guys make me interested in it. I know it's dangerous, I know it's an awesome talent, and I know these guys worked really hard to get on America's Got Talent. They make their tricks and stunts look so easy - that's how great they are! I really enjoyed their performance.

  • 6

    Oz Pearlman


    Every time Oz performs, I'm blown away. I really don't have a clue how he was able to pull this one off - he had the judges 'read' his mind. And the performance went over perfectly! I don't know how to explain it, you just have to see it for yourself!

  • 7

    Daniella Mass


    This girl's voice is just unbelievable. She may not have picked the best song for this round, but I hope that doesn't hurt her in the voting. She's got a beautiful voice, so much emotion, and such control. Seriously, I can't get over the control she has on her voice - it's crazy!

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