It was another exciting night of America's Got Talent as 12 performers competed for the chance to move on to the next round. These are the best acts from last night.

America's Got Talent has now taken over the stage at Radio City Music Hall with their Live Shows. This was the second group to take the stage in hopes of advancing to the next round. All the acts brought their A-Game last night, and choosing 7 to move on is going to be tough. But these are the acts that I think did the best, and deserve to continue on the show.

  • 1

    DM Nation

    Dance Group

    DM Nation was the first act to perform, and they kicked off the show right - with an amazing routine. They're very entertaining to watch, they make crazy effects just by the way they move... I think they deserve to move on.

    There was one critique to this group, however. DM Nation has to be very careful when it comes to their stage position. There were a few times when the dancers were not aligned, and it took away from the performance. A small critique, something I think they could fix pretty easily.

  • 2

    Derek Hughes


    This guy was great! He took a pretty simple card trick, and made it entertaining. Plus he was pretty quick thinking on his feet - his responses... They were just fast and funny.

    I have to admit, I thought his last performance was better, but I was still entertained and want to see more.

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    3 Shades of Blue

    Rock Band

    Talk about nailing their set - these guys were on fire! First of all, 3 Shades of Blue got everyone going because they're a rock band, and can play really, REALLY well. Second, their song choice was excellent. The band covered Nick Jonas' 'Chains' - which is not a rock song (obviously), but they were able to make it rock. What a performance!

  • 4

    Freckled Sky

    Dancers with Visual Effects

    There seems to be a lot of groups that include dancing and some sort of visual effect, but these guys are probably the best. I don't understand the whole 'contemporary dance' style, but they make me want to watch it.

    Mesmerizing... That's the only way I can describe this performance.

  • 5

    Arielle Baril


    Usually I don't care too much for the singing acts (no matter how good they are), but this young girl is just amazing. Not only is she a young, self-taught, opera singer, she's got such a great personality. She's so likable - she acts like a normal kid. I think that's important in these shows. Once someone starts turning into a diva, and they lose their gratefulness for the opportunity that they get... well, that's when I start disliking them. You have to stay humble in these once-in-a-lifetime situations. And she does.

  • 6

    Uzeyer Novruzov

    Circus Performance

    Now this is what America's Got Talent is all about! This performer knows how to put on a show!!! It was heart-stopping, intense, and amazingly entertaining.

    If you only watch one video in this whole set, I hope it's this one. By far the best act of the night!

  • 7

    The CraigLewis Band


    Again, I'm not a huge fan of the singing acts, but these guys did an amazing job. They sing SO well, they're entertaining to watch, and they know how to use the whole stage to make an act. I really enjoyed them, and hope to see them in the next round.

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