If you've ever ordered anything online, you know about the risk of having a package damaged or even stolen while it sits on your porch until you get home.

That's about to become a thing of the past....remember those fancy lockers we all use(or avoid) at Water Safari?

Same deal.

Now, instead of having to make sure someone is home, you can simply have a package shipped to the closest Amazon Locker.

The process is quite simple,

  1. find an Amazon Locker near you
  2. add it to your Amazon.com address book
  3. you'll get a code when you place your order
  4. go to the locker and enter your code

As of right now, there is one Amazon Locker operational in the Utica area, located at Speedway, on 2639 Genesee St, in Utica.

Google maps
Google maps

Just in time for the Holiday season and Cyber Monday, no more worrying about your packages being damaged or stolen!

Each locker will hold your packages up to three days, and you can learn more on Amazon.com.

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