If you've ever wanted to try out to be on American Idol, auditions are coming to New York.

Now's your chance to sing in front of the judges and hope you have what it takes to make it on the second season of American Idol. Well... The second season since ABC took over the show (after a short break, too).

American Idol created a Facebook Event specific to these auditions coming to New York, probably so everyone could easily find them, and get a reminder to try-out (or to remind their very-talented friends to audition). According to the Facebook Event from American Idol, the auditions are going to take place Canalside in Buffalo on Sunday, September 9th. Auditions will go on from 5am to 5pm.

Now, don't just grab your guitar and drive to Buffalo, thinking you're going to stand in front of the judges when you arrive. There's a process. And it starts with you having to register online before you even show up. You don't have to wait to register either, you can do it now at: AmericanIdol.com/Auditions

If you can't make it out to Buffalo to audition for the show, but you have an amazing gift and you think you could go far on the show (or maybe even win it), don't worry, you can audition online. Actually if you want, you can do both. You'll find more information about auditioning online at the "American Idol Auditions" link (above).

So if you've been waiting for your chance to show off your talents your chance is coming up in about a month in Buffalo. In the meantime, don't forget to practice, and don't forget to register ahead of time. Good Luck!




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