I went to high school with Dana Bowers. We graduated from Hamilton Central School together, the same year. She was always singing and participating in all of our plays and musicals. All of us knew she was very talented and would do amazing things.

Now, she's one of those who made the choice to serve our country.

"I decided to audition for one of the Air Force’s Regional Bands stationed at Scott Air Force Base in October," said Bowers. "I was fortunate enough to win the job and enlisted in the Air Force in January. I started Basic Training in February and graduated in April!"

She's fronting the band, Hot Brass, at the Band of Mid-America and is performing in several gigs across a 10 state region. One of those gigs was yesterday, to sing "God Bless America" during the Kansas City Royals baseball game against the Minnesota Twins on Memorial Day.

"It’s an awesome opportunity that has opened so many doors for me while I am also able to serve my country. It's a great honor."

Check out the video below! How awesome. Great job, Dana!


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