First things first: that's a picture of MY foot. Size-13. We'll get to that in just a sec.

Meantime, back in July we told you about Bigfoot sightings on the rise in New York State. Well, we have an update on the iconic (maybe mythical) beast. Earlier this week a motorist in Whitehall, which is located east of Lake George and north of the Capital District, claims to have spotted a Bigfoot-esque character crossing Route 4.

The entire region is a hotbed for Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings, and Whitehall itself has adopted Sasquatch as its "official animal." There are at least two Bigfoot statues in the area and a Sasquatch Half Marathon occurs every June.

Over the years, various encounters have been described by credible folks like police officers. In the latest sighting, according to the Glens Falls Post, a motorist pegged the creature at about 6-feet tall. The eyewitness also claims the creature was stepping over a guardrail. A cast of a footprint taken in the grass next to the guardrail was measured at 12 inches long.

That brings us to the picture of my foot, which is roughly the same size as the cast taken from the most recent alleged Bigfoot print. The sensationalist in me WANTS to believe, but the realist in me needs more proof.


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