The last time you heard about the Rotterdam Square Mall outside of Schenectady, it was likely when the mall had its power cut due to lack of payment of its electric bills. Now the mall is under new ownership. And they plan to revitalize the shopping center with a large aquarium.

The mall has been purchased by a company based in Turkey. According to the Albany Times-Union,

Besides the 25,000-square-foot Rotterdam Aquarium, Via Properties also plans an almost 30,000-square-foot family entertainment zone and a complete facelift."We are very enthusiastic about investing in Rotterdam Square Mall, and we see tremendous potential in the property," Cenk Hayirlioglu, who oversees U.S. operations for ViaPort USA, said in a prepared statement. "Schenectady County is the place to be, and our vision fits seamlessly with the area's growth. Our significant investment will transform the mall into an entertainment destination for the whole family. We have experience transforming properties like Rotterdam Square Mall into successful ventures and creating unique experiences for our patrons."

Adding family activities and entertainment features are not uncommon at Upstate New York malls. Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse features a skate park, improv space and a fencing center.

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