Labor Day weekend is here and that means bbq's and games like Cornhole, Ladder Ball and my personal favorite - KanJam. Here's some house rules my squad plays by that might make your KanJam experience a little more interesting.

If you haven't heard of KanJam, you really should check it out. KanJam was created in Buffalo so its a homegrown game that is a lot of fun with a Frisbee.

The game is played by throwing a disc back and forth to your partner at a goal to score points by deflection(1 point), direct hit(2 points), a bucket(3 points) or instant win. Teams play to 21. But how about making it a bit more challenging?

Here are a couple rules my friends and I use. These are just house rules but maybe they will add some fun to your games.

1. One player from each team must have a drink(adult beverage if over 21) in their hand at all times.

This makes it a little harder to deflect the disc at(1 point) or into(3 points) the Kan.

2. The Kan must be at least 40 feet apart and players must throw from behind the Kan without their arm extending over the Kan(think elbow rule in beer pong).

Official rules say the Kan has to be 50 feet apart but sometimes you just don't have the room. So just place the Kans as far away as possible then make up the difference by standing well behind the Kan.

3. When an 'instant win' happens (a player makes the disc into the Kan unassisted) every player must chug an...."adult beverage".

That player won't have such an easy time next game haha.

4. If a player makes more than three 'instant win' shots in less than 3 hours he or she must throw their first two shots with their opposite hand.

Because the rest of us need a chance to win a game here and there too.

There you have it, just a couple ideas to add a new wrinkle to your KanJam experience. You can get the official KanJam rules on the KanJam website.


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