Blizzards are brewing for Central New York. Dairy Queen may be coming. The company is looking to expand in New York with 100 new restaurants over the next ten years and Central and Upstate New York could see up to 10.

Dairy Queen's director of national franchise sales Mike Mettler tells "We're looking at the Syracuse area, and Upstate, as a growth area for Dairy Queen."

The only Dairy Queen in the area is the one on Brewerton Road that opened last year. There are several in Watertown, Rochester and Buffalo but none in the Utica, Rome area. The Rome Dairy Queen closed years ago.

There's no word on where the new restaurants will be located but according to they'll be Grill & Chills, with hot and cold options. And one could be open as early as next year.

For the first time it's a blizzard Central New Yorkers can actually look forward to.


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